Man on golf course

Top Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf has been the most popular sport in the world and has been played by people who are believed to be gentlemen. This sport was received well by the public, and it’s being enjoyed all over by both young and old. This sport entails laying it on a course with the aim of propelling a small ball into several holes. The golf sport will only be enjoyable once you play the game on a good golf course which is well maintained.

A poorly done golf course will make you have difficulties times while you play and you may end up not enjoying the game. You can consider playing your golf sport at golf vacations Ireland which have the best golf courses that will enhance the sport. Playing golf will suit in several ways both physically and health-wise. In this article, we give reasons why you should consider playing golf.

Helps in burns calories

The golf sport entails a lot of walking which means you will burn more calories while playing this game.woman playing golf Similarly, at some point you may skip out of the golf cart and walk the average course will cover a distance of 7 kilometers. Golf involves a lot of carrying, swinging and walking hence making the players burn a lot of calories.

Good for your brain

golf club and ballWhile playing golf, your heart rate will increase, and due to this the flow of blood to the brain will be stimulated hence improving the nerve cell connections. This process will delay mental illness like dementia. In case you are competing with other golfers, you will also be competing with yourself. The challenge will be significant because you will be able to boost you’re your self-esteem and confidence. On the other hand, the tallying of scores, fostering hand-eye coordination and improving strategy will help in keeping the brain active.

Better sleep

When you are playing golf, you will be exercising the whole body and muscles. For this reason, after a good play during the day, you will be able to sleep well because the body will need rest. Research has shown that a golfer will sleep more and faster and will also remain asleep for long because of the energy that is expended. Sleeping deeply will help your body in the repair of muscles and tissues and cell regeneration. On the other hand, playing golf will help in enhancing your vision. This is because while playing the sport you will be zooming on the course because the balls may be far.