Common Facts You Need to Know About Disney World

Walt Disney World is an excellent institution in America. Nothing is as famous as it is. To many, it is a childhood fantasy and fun park that has global recognition. Even those who have never set a foot in Central Florida, they do know about it. Most people use a podcast that covers the latest rumors about Disney World to get information about this fantasy land.

Whether you love this place or not, there are common facts you need to know about Disney World. Some of the intrigues around this place will leave you with stitches on your ribs. Let’s get done with it, shall we?

Disney World is Equal in Size to San Francisco

This is not a small place. Astonishingly, Disney World is the size of two Manhattans. Even better, it is equal to the physical size of San Francisco. That is not what you would call small. Definitely the largest theme park of its kind, Disney World holds a record in its physical size.

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On Opening Day, Tickets Went for $3.50

Just like great things, Disney World started in humble backgrounds. Those who had the honor of attending the opening, admission was going for only $3.50. That was quite an amount back then but not anything significant today. At the moment, admission goes at least for $94. Other parks will charge $99. If you want to visit multiple parks then you have to add an extra $60. For a better deal and great discounts, it is best you buy a multi-day ticket. Whatever you decide, it will not be cheap.

Ashes for the Dead is, Virtually, Everywhere

Well, this is sure odd and shocking. Apparently, it is true, and you better come to terms with it if you decide to visit. People make death wishes for their ashes to be spread somewhere in the parks. It happens since there is a policy for that. There is even a vacuum for these specific occasions. Sounds gross!

To Stay in Every Hotel in Disney World, it Would Take a Lifetime

Anyone thinking about joining the Guinness book of records by staying in every hotel room in Disney World may as well be prepared to do nothing else in their lifetime. It would take you 68 years. You cannot rent by the hour because they no longer do that. If you are up to the challenge, now you know the time it will take.

Like the Vatican, Disney World is Self-Governed

In its early days, there were no adequate resources to construct the park. To deal with the problem, Disney World became an autonomous taxing zone. If you ask me, that is some sort of self-governing. Unfortunately, this kind of autonomy has no place in the American constitution.

It is the Biggest One-site Employer in the Entire US

This is the biggest institution in terms of employees in a single site. And they are not called employees; they are referred to as cast members. They can give you direction to the bathrooms in 14 different languages. Isn’t that just amazing?

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Those who come here have an appetite for those caveman turkey legs. Their consumption goes as high as 200million pounds each year. Such a record would not go unnoticed.